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AFS-TEX System 3000X - 20" x 39" Black



Premium anti-fatigue mat which optimizes comfort and support. Surface contouring and foot massage features significantly increase comfort when standing for long periods. The ergonomically designed anti-fatigue properties of this active anti fatigue mat encourage regular micro-movements which help stimulate blood flow, increase metabolic rate and provide superior fatigue relief.

  • Larger size, supportive flat anti-fatigue mat with foot massage details. Reduces strain on feet and legs which can be caused by prolonged standing
  • 39"L x 20"W
  • Black fine-weave polyester cover for added comfort and warmth
  • Top quality cushioned and supportive mat - guaranteed not to flatten or lose support over time
  • Built-in active anti-microbial ingredient - ideal for barefoot workers. Easy to wipe clean, child and pet safe
  • A unique and stylish design, this anti fatigue mat complements your interior design for use around the kitchen, utility room or home office. The perfect mat to use with a standing desk
  • Unique ergonomic design with debossed features. This mat encourages micro-movements, which significantly decrease fatigue
The System 3000X mat covers a large area and works as well in the kitchen and other areas of the home as it does in the workshop or active office, where it is a must-have accessory for your standing desk. Easy to wipe clean, this mat contains an anti-microbial ingredient throughout which will last for the mat's lifetime. This anti fatigue mat has an anti-slip base for added stability on all floor types. The soft, woven surface cover provides additional comfort and warmth, perfect for barefoot users and is easy to clean