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10GB Olympus Pro Stereo Digital Recorder



With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, 4-position slide switch, and 3 different recording formats, the DS-2600 will increase dictation management efficiency.
  • Equipped with dual microphones to help control the directionality, keep the focus on the person dictating and suppress ambient noise in offices, cars, airports and other noisy environments.
  • A triple layer studio quality filter helps ensure accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind vibrations.
  • Comes complete with a wide range of editing options for easy text creation to quickly modify your files, to help make turning recordings into notes as effortless as possible.
  • Best for individual users/self-employed/entrepreneurs needing high quality recordings.
  • DSS software compatibility.
  • Includes Li-ion battery and DSS/PCM/MP3 recording formats.
  • Black.