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Safety Signs

Safety Signs warn of workplace hazards and instruct employees on the proper precautions to take to avoid injuries in the workplace. They are so common that most people don’t consciously even see them, however, people can immediately recognize the warnings and their intended messages.

The specific layout and design of these signs has been proven to quickly convey important messages, even when people hardly glance at them. All employers are required to utilize these types of signs whenever there is a serious hazard in the area.

Both “TakeCare by CEP” and “Magneto” provide various classes of safety signs including:

Danger Signs – Signs that alert people to specific and immediate dangers.

Warning Signs – Signs that warn people of potential hazards that can lead to injury and death.

Caution Signs – Signs used to alert people to potential hazards. This class can also be used to caution people against certain unsafe practices. This class is for hazards that can result in minor (non-life threatening) accident or injury.

Safety Instruction Signs – These signs offer instructions for how someone should act or perform to avoid possible hazards. The instructions can be either positive (do this…) or negative (do not do this…).