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Benefits of Standing Desks

September 02, 2019

Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks have been used for centuries. In fact, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill used standing desks while working.

Now, the health benefits of standing workstations has been quantified and their use is growing quickly. However, the health benefits of using standing workstations, for extended periods, can only be realized if also using a quality Anti-Fatigue mat.

Why is an Anti-Fatigue mat needed with a standing workstation? There is a significant correlation between the floor surface of a workplace and the fatigue of workers. Studies have shown that lower back pain is more frequent when standing 25% of 8 hour work shift. The most commonly reported problems are Herniated Disc (lower back), Venous Pooling (legs/feet), Osteoarthritis.

Properly designed and constructed Anti-Fatigue mats provide excellent support against muscular fatigue while providing slip resistance and improved insulation on hard floor, tile and low pile carpet floors. Ergonomic matting reduces fatigue by providing a balance of “softness” and “support”. The benefits are proper weight distribution while reducing impact on the joints and as the foot presses into the mat, the matting presses back into the foot enabling the return of energy and preventing blood from stagnating.

Floortex have manufactured Anti-Fatigue matting for several years for a wide range of applications including retail, warehouse and general use. When it comes to Anti-Fatigue matting solutions for Standing Workstations we offer a range that will suit every budget, size and performance requirement.