Premium Wiper

A wiper mat built to deliver outstanding performance in high traffic locations with traffic of over 1,500 people per day; including commercial centres, schools and hospitals. The most efficient and innovative wiper available with unique microfiber/olefin blends. The Premier Wiper provides incredible dust and moisture retention. Positively charged microfibers attract lint, dust and hair, keeping them out of the air. Waterproof vinyl backing and borders. Two tone colouring better hides dust and dirt.


Item Dimensions(LxW) Colour
FDSTS2436CH 24″x36″ Charcoal
FDSTS3660CH 36″X60″ Charcoal
FDSTS4872CH 48″X72″ Charcoal
FDSTS2436W 24″x36″ Walnut
FDSTS3660W 36″X60″ Walnut
FDSTS4872W 48″X72″ Walnut



Wiper Mat Brochure: English