Ecotex Revolution Mat for Hard Floor

An environmentally friendly range of chairmats designed for excellent performance and a reduced carbon footprint.

Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, which is material reclaimed from used drink bottles.  These mats are durable, slightly tinted and 100% recyclable.  Manufactured using up to 30% renewable energy.

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Smooth back for use on Hard Floor surfaces only. Not for use on carpets.

Note: Tinted colour may vary due to the product being 100% recycled. Tint varies between green and blue.

Item Dimensions(LxW) Shape  
ECO3648EP 36”x 48” Rectangular
ECO4851EP 48” x 51” Rectangular
ECO4851LP 48” x 51” Rectangular with Lip
ECO4860EP 48” x 60” Rectangular
ECO4860LP 48” x 60” Rectangular with Lip
ECO4879EP 48” x 79” Rectangular

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