Ecotex Extra Mat

A wiper mat built to deliver outstanding performance in high traffic locations with traffic of 1,500 or more people per day; including commercial centres, schools and hospitals.  Surface is 100% recycled polyester material & the rubber bottom is 20% blend of recycled tires. The elevated construction will scrape and hold dirt below shoe level, while wiping moisture. The crush-proof V-pattern surface will maintain appearance and performance. The water-dam border holds up to 1 gallon of water and prevents dirt from spilling on the floor.



Item Dimensions(LxW) Colour
FSSOA2435CH 24″x35″ Charcoal
FSSOA3559CH 35″x59″ Charcoal
FSSOA4570CH 45″x70″ Charcoal
FSSOA2435W 24″x35″ Walnut
FSSOA3559W 35″x59″ Walnut
FSSOA4570W 45″x70″ Walnut



Wiper/Scraper Brochure: English