Easy Foot Mat

Provides fatigue relief in light duty areas; services counters, mail-rooms, packaging stations and cashier stations. Pebbled finish provides slip resistant surface and beveled edge helps reduce tripping. Closed cell PVC sponge provides economical comfort and fatigue relief.



Item Dimensions(LxWxH) Colour
FEAFM2436B 24″x36″x3/8″ Black
FEAFM3660B 36″X60″X3/8″ Black
FEAFM2436BY 24″x36″x3/8″ Black/Yellow
FEAFM3660BY 36″X60″X3/8″ Black/Yellow
FEAFM2436G 24″x36″x3/8″ Grey
FEAFM3660G 36″X60″X3/8″ Grey



Anti-Fatigue Mat Brochure: English