Cleartex Ultimat Polycarbonate Mats for Hard Floors

Smooth back for hard floor or carpet tiles. Crystal clear and 100% recyclable. The toughest and most durable mats available.

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Polycarbonate does not curl, crack discolour or have an odor.

Item Dimensions(LxW) Shape  
12197519ER 47”x 30” Rectangular
128919ER 47” x 35” Rectangular
128919LR 47” x 35” Rectangular with Lip
1213419ER 48” x 53” Rectangular
1213419LR 48” x 53” Rectangular with Lip
1212119ER 48” x 48” Square
129919SR 39” x 49” Contoured
1215219ER 48” x 60” Rectangular
1220019ER 48” x 79” Rectangular
1215019TR 48” x 69” Triangular

Extra Large:

Item Dimensions(LxW) Shape  
1230019ER 48”x 118” Rectangular
1215015019ER 60” x 60” Square
1215020019ER 60” x 79” Rectangular
1215030019ER 60” x 118” Rectangular


Item Dimensions(LxW) Shape  
126020RR 24” Rectangular
129020RR 36” Square

Cleartex Ultimat Brochure: English French

Floortex Products Brochure: English French


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