CEP3200R – Linkable Recycling Bin

CEP3200R ISIS Recycling Bin designed to be used as a personal under desk unit, with 15 litre capacity.

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The CEP3200R may be used as a single unit or linked with a second unit for double capacity. The linking options are two CEP3200R recycle bins for 30 litre capacity of recycling or a CEP3200R recycle bin linked with a 320R wastebasket that accepts 15 litres of recycling and 15 litres of waste. When linking two CEP3200R recycle bins you can also create your personal recycling system to separate paper from cans and plastic bottles, right at your desk. Designed with one flat side, surface area is reduced when used as a single basket. The attractive styling makes this recycle bin a welcome alternative to the standard box style of recycle bin. Made from recyclable polypropylene

12.5″ x 9.75″ x 15″


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