AFS-TEX System 5000 S & S


The Ultimate Ergonomic Solution for Sit & Stand Working

The challenge in designing a solution for users of Sit/Stand Workstations has been “how do you combine the completely different needs of the two functions at the same location”?

One application requires a surface with cushion to provide ergonomic benefits and the other requires a surface with rigidity.

The AFS-TEX System 5000 S2S provides the solution by combining  our custom designed Ultimat polycarbonate chair mat with the System 5000 Anti-Fatigue mat for the ultimate sit & stand ergonomic solution.

AFS-TEX System 5000  underside  ribbing is designed to be stable on standard hard floors or carpets but to have controllable slide on our specially designed System 5000 polycarbonate chair  mat.

Use the ergonomic easy glide ultimat chair mat when seated then pull the System 5000 mat from under the desk when moving to stand-up working. Use the “Ergo Bar” to pull the mat into position with your foot.

When it’s time for a sitting session, use the foot recess facility to push the mat back under your desk.  While under the desk your AFS-TEX System 5000 will act as a comfortable foot rest!