If you have the need to record meetings and conference calls, the best solutions will vary depending on the size of the room and the number of participants who typically attend.

The answer may be as simple as a single Digital Recorder, like the VN-701PC, WS-821SD or the WS-823SD, or you may require additional external Conference Microphones for larger groups.

For a better idea of which product(s) may best suit your specific needs refer to our Meeting Recording overview.

Meeting Recording Overview

Add clarity to your meeting/conference recordings. If your training room or boardroom table is too large to allow clear recordings of meetings, try expandng the range with one of our conference recording options.

1. Small Group/Meeting Table – in a small setting with 4 or less people, the built-in microphones on the Olympus digital recorders will clearly record all participants. For ultra clarity the WS-801Gm and the WS-802Gsd both feature a built-in stereo microphone.

VN-701PC WS-821SD WS-823SD

2. Medium Group/Boardroom Table – with a group of up to 8 people, the dynamics of the setting may require a more powerful microphone designed specifically for the application. By plugging one of our conference microphones into the external mic jack, you will pick up a greater range of voices. For maximum coverage, multiple CM-1000s can be daisy chained.The CM-1000 also provides stereo recording when plugged into either the digital recorders.

CM909S CM-1000

3. Large Group/Boardroom – When recording a meeting with 8 – 14 people, two microphones may be needed. By using our 2 microphone adaptor, you can use two CM909S conference microphones to record on the same recorder. Alternatively, if using the CM-1000, you can daisy chain 2 or more for greater recording range.

PA 3.5LR

4. Largest Group/Training Room – Some applications with different seating arrangements and/or more people may require more microphones. This is when our 4 microphone mixer is an ideal solution. Up to 4 microphones can be used simultaneously with separate volume controls for each mic.. Simply plug into our digital recorder for wide area recording.



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