Digital Voice Recorders


It’s a digital world. Traditional tapes, of any kind, have become a thing of the past. And just like cameras, digital is the way to go in the dictation world. With the benefits of long term performance and superior recording quality, our selection of Olympus Digital Voice Recorders are the way to go.

The application for Digital Dictation range from traditional dictating to recording personal thoughts, meetings and telephone calls. The recorded digital files may be forwarded over a computer network or by email where they can be filed, listened to, or transcribed with the FSUSBPro Ultra Digital Transcription Kit.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Dictation:

· Extended recording times of over hundreds of hours, ideal for long recording sessions in meetings, lectures, and interviews
· No tapes or moving parts means long-term performance and superior recording quality
· LC Displays will always alert you to the current operating status of your recorder
· Download capabilities allow files recorded off-site to be e-mailed for transcription or played as audio files

Our Olympus and Sanyo Dictation products handle a wide range of applications, from personal, professional dictation to recording meetings or interviews. And with Greenside’s own FSUSBPro Ultra Digital Transcription Kit, PCs can turn into transcribers.



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