Strata Boxes

The line of Strata storage boxes have so many unique features not found elsewhere, we like to call them Strata Smart Boxes.

We offer the Strata Smart boxes in a wide range of sizes that will fill most needs and hold almost anything you would want to store in the office, warehouse, factory floor, lunchroom or at home                                                                                                      

The unique “butterfly” lid makes access to contents quick and easy. The lids clip to the centre of the box and can be opened from either end or removed completely for total access. When the lid is closed the roll up handle clips snugly secure the lids, which is handy if the box is dropped.

Each box has a wide rim around the perimeter to easily pick up from all sides and the clear boxes and lids allow for convenient views of the contents.

The slant side design provides for very secure stacking when in use and also keeps storage space to a minimum when not being used. When not in use the lids fold inside the box and empty box simply drops inside the next.

Made from polypropylene and 100% recyclable.

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