Entrance Mats

Scraperfourspaces Wiper/Scraperfourspaces Wiper
Floortex offer a complete range of doormats for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to protect carpets, hard floors and office space from moisture, salt and dirt, these mats are cost effective and efficient.
There are a range of reasons that businesses use entrance matting that include:
• Reduction of maintenance costs
• Protecting your floors
• Improving air quality
• Enhancing the appearance of your work place
• Diminishing the risk of slips and accidents
Using quality entrance matting is the only preventative solution to minimize the accumulation of dirt in your building. As the first line of defence, a proper arrangement of 15 linear feet of entrance matting will prevent 80% of the accumulated dirt from spreading onto your floors.
Using a series of mats that include a Scraper, Wiper/Scraper and Wiper mat will maximise the benefits of entrance matting.

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