Each Floortex Chair Mat, designed for a carpet, includes a gripper bottom that keeps the mat in place without damaging your carpet.  Not only is the Gripper backing safe for the carpet but it is also safe for you, with rounded tips (you know what we mean if you have ever tried to move or carry home some of the other ones).

When choosing a Chair Mat for a carpeted area, there are a few quick decisions to be made.

1. The thickness of the pile on your carpet will determine the chair mat you will require and each Floortex chair mat, for carpet, is identified by these thicknesses.

For Floortex carpet chair mats made from Polycarbonate, because of the strength of the material, the carpet thicknesses are:
Low & Medium Pile – for less than 1/2\”
Plush Pile – over 1/2\”

For Floortex PVC carpet chair mats, the carpet thicknesses are: 
Low Pile Carpet – for less than 1/4\” pile
Standard Pile Carpet – for less than 3/8\” pile
Medium Pile Carpet – for less than 3/4\” pile
Plush Pile Carpet – for over 3/4\” pile

2. The shape of the chair mat is normally determined by the application:
Rectangle – for modern desks and workstations
Rectangle – for double pedestal desks
Square – for modern desks and workstations
Triangular – for corner workstations and general office use
Round – for general office, commercial and home use. i.e. under water coolers

3. The size of the chair mat will be determined by the area you are protecting

4. The material for your chair mat can be selected from the Original Floortex Polycarbonate, which is the safer, more durable and environmentally friendly material or the traditional, high quality Floortex PVC/Vinyl.  




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